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Our Clients and Projects

We've worked on projects with both large and small companies and even helped individuals get their businesses off the ground with cheap, quick, custom made solutions.  Whatever your database and automation needs are, we're here to help and have the experience you're looking for.  See below for some examples of projects we've completed
Access Database Developer, Access VBA, Access Programmer
Services Revenue Recognition Database
Right Now Technologies, a division of Oracle


We built a large custom database for Right Now Technologies that helped automate the recognition of their Services revenue on a monthly basis.  The system automatically uploaded the consulting hours for their Services team and recognized the revenue each month using a push button process. Prior to the implementation of the database, this was a time consuming process and severely slowed down their month end close. The database helped take the whole process down from several days to less than 4 hours. We built a user friendly front-end with a multitude of reporting and automatic email capabilites so they could send their customers automatic usage reports.

Dashboard Reporting Tool
Vista Consulting Team, Baton Rouge, LA

Vista is a consulting team that provides services to large law firms throughout the country. They help improve their efficiency and productivity by focusing on the ten key areas of their firm. One of those key areas revolves around reporting and key metrics by Firm, Attorney, and Case Manager. Vista hired us to  remotely build and manage each clients Access database by tapping into their case management system and linking to their tables through ODBC connections. The dashboards consist of Case Management reports, Fee reports, Closed Case reports, Medical Records Requests reports, Attorney and Case Manager stats, and many more.  These are highly customized databases and we also provide ongoing support for new requests or modifications.

Access Database Developer, Access VBA, Access Programmer
Access Database Developer, Access VBA, Access Programmer
Custom ERP Database
Proof Research - Columbia Falls, MT


Proof Research is a start-up company that needed a cheap, quick, easy-to-install ERP system without spending a fortune to get it up and running.  They approached us about building out a homegrown, customized ERP system within Access that could support multiple users in their high-tech manufacturing facility. The end product was a database that handled everything from Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoicing, Work Orders, Inventory, and monthly reporting.  The system interfaced with Quickbooks to make the transition to their accounting system seamless.  We also built custom job travelers and incorporated a bar coding system so the machine operators could easily scan and track the progress of the work orders throughout the system. 

Auction Database
ArtTrak - Dallas, TX


ArtTrak is a large art dealer, appraiser, and auctioneer located in Dallas, Texas.  John approached us about building a database that would help him manage and track all of his pieces spread throughout the country in different galleries, auction houses, and private dealers.  He also wanted to be able to store images and all of the background and appraisal history for each piece.  The system also records when a piece sells and all of the pertinent information.  He can also automatically email the details of each piece in different customized formats for each auction house, dealer, etc. throughout the country which saves him and his team many, many hours of their valuable time. 

Access Database Developer, Access VBA, Access Programmer
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