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Free consultations and prototypes, try before you buy approach.
Access Database Developer, Access Programmer, Access VBA
Access Database Developer, Access VBA, Access Programmer
Access Database Developer, Access VBA, Excel, Access Programmer
  • Design and build your custom database

  • Precise and accurate real-time reporting tools

  • Design and develop Queries, Forms, and Reports

  • Systems can be developed to simultaneously support multiple users

  • Push button automation of complex processes using VBA

  • Upload/download functionality using Excel, PDF, Text, Powerpoint, etc

  • Redesign and troubleshooting for your current database

  • Assistance with converting from one version of access to another which often involves VBA code changes

  • Migration of your current database to SQL server

  • Web based form creation for easy access over your browser

  • Ongoing end-user training and support

  • Spreadsheet automation

  • Advanced programming techniques

  • Custom macro creation using VBA

  • Custom User Form creation for easy data entry and storage

  • Advanced formula help and design including VLookups, Multiple If-Then's, Arrays, SumIf(s) and text extraction formulas

  • Advanced model building including cash flow, sales compensation, budgeting, forecasting, inventory, etc.

  • Integration with Access to upload/download real-time data

  • Custom charts and reports with a polished look and feel

  • Integration with powerpoint so your charts and data integrate into your presentation seamlessly and automatically

  • Simply put, we'll solve your Excel problems and improve the look and feel of your spreadsheets



Are you struggling with creating your own Access database or do you have spreadsheets and processes that you wish you could improve? Do you want a customized solution that works for your business and specific data needs? Can't find the time to wrestle with your current database or spreadsheet problems? Don't worry, I can help and I'm just a quick phone call away. Free consultations and free prototypes, try before you buy approach.  Why hire a full time person when I can perform the work at a fraction of the cost? I can be reached by calling 406-212-8352 or with a quick response guaranteed.  No matter where your company is located, you'll find that working with Excel & Access Consulting is easy, affordable, and efficient.

  Access Database Developer, Access VBA



  • Sales Commissions Database

  • Services Revenue Database

  • Inventory Database

  • ERP Database (Sales, Inventory, Work Orders, Shipping, etc)

  • HR Database

  • Medical Records Dashboard

  • Case Management Dashboard

  • Payroll Database

  • Project Tracking Database

  • Service Dispatch Database

  • Time-Keeping Database

  • Sales Pipeline/Forecasting Database

  • R&D Capitalization/Amortization Database

  • And many more......


"Thanks very much for your help on the Pro Services database, and if I haven't said it yet - a job well done too! It is a big success for us so we appreciate your efforts!"

Mick Quintana, Controller Access Database Developer, Access VBA

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